Weird Dreams

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  1. ALthough the phone might be considered the more civilized way to do it. I think email is probably okay in this situation. If you do it the email way, then there’s no awkward conversation for him to have to go through… being dumped is a hit to the ego, even after two dates.

    Like someone else asked, would you want to be dumped via email? IF the answer is “no”, then you should probably do it over the phone.

  2. Yeah, it does for me too. However, I haven’t been sleeping much at all lately – and no sexy details to share here either – just too much on my mind, I guess. 🙁

  3. No juicy details to share. I just wanted to reiterate that sleeping somewhere other than my own house apparrently makes me CRAZY.

  4. Woo… Sleepovers! I need to do that more often. I seriously think everyone should have a ‘cuddle buddy’ when they’re single!

    And, yup, that’s one weird ass dream, chick!

  5. Okay, my WTF comment came when I read this part:

    “Preamble: I didn’t sleep in my own bed last night.”


    Are you neglecting to tell your friends some sexy details? Shame! *lol* 😉

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