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  1. I look at it this way, what would YOU like, on the other end?

    It’s has only been two casual dates. I agree with previous posters that you don’t owe anything, but, it’s also common courtesy.

    I’d say short and sweet email. He was a nice guy, so be nice in return, I suppose.

  2. It’s fine to break it off via email in this case, imho. I wouldn’t just ignore the person though. I know I’d feel much worse about that than a polite “I’ve decided this isn’t for me…”

  3. Just dont tell him hes a “nice guy”. Unless he is really into you, then an email isnt necessary. If he is, and too shy to get your number, then perhaps find a polite way out. The best one is, I have clicked with someone else…so…sorry

  4. You need to tell him SOMETHING. Since your only contact has been via IM and Email, he’ll probably get the hint in a couple years of clicking his send/receive button every two minutes and not seeing a response from you. An email will suffice, and that way you don’t have to look at him wither and crumple beneath your gaze when you tell him face to face.

    Or just make sure he sees you out with someone else who you HAVE broken the kiss barrier with.

  5. As a guy who’s been on the other end of both responses, I think a polite “thanks but no thanks” email is the way to go. Nobody likes to be ignored, and if he has indeed been nice to you, might as well make it short and sweet. Dearheart is right, you certainly don’t owe him an explanation, but a simple “no thanks” couldn’t hurt.

    And if his contact is through email, as it appears to be, it’s perfectly okay that you tell him whatever you want to tell him the same way.

  6. So, now the debate is, do I answer his last email and politely decline further contact, or just ignore him entirely? He *is* a nice guy (as opposed to some other schmucks I’ve dated lately) – just not one I’m interested in.

  7. Yep, I second both your commenters — It’s simply not an issue.

    Now, I think had it been many more dates, then an obligatory coffee talk is in order. I’m kinda sensitive about this crap, though, for obvious reasons.

    By the way — Thanks for coming out last night! I had a blast, and hope that you did too! My stomach is still screaming at me, however!

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