I gots an Eye-Dear

10 thoughts on “I gots an Eye-Dear”

  1. Believe it or not I’d recommend thrillers. Especially the mystery type (like say, Identity for instance). Most thrillers are not really very complex and they can spend a lot of moments shouting at the actors “don’t go in there!”.

    And if they’d prefer something tamer: The complete first season (1971) of Columbo has been released on DVD. Great stuff and timeless.

  2. Oh Oh OH!!! Wallace and Gromit!!

    I will bet there is a great series of DVD sets at Virgin. One will jump out if you visit.

  3. Okay, seriously here. You know those National Geographic-type videos of baby lions, bears, etc.? Would that work? Something nature-ish?

    PS – Your comments never remember my info. 🙁

  4. depends on which war you’re speaking of, but my Nana’s favorite movie was Gone With the Wind. It’s a long one, but she’d faithfully watch it every time it was on TV. 🙂

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