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  1. Dear girl, I have been going through that for the past several MONTHS… and I tell you, the stress is absolutely no fun at all. Keep your chin up. I’m rooting for you.

  2. Don’t, upon pain of a thousand deaths, go to sleep country.

    That place is like an evil used car lot, with a lot of the same sales tactics. They sit you down, and give you a coffee so you are trapped there till they can prey on you. All of their prices are about 100% above market value, so when they write their ‘best deal’ down on a slip of paper and give it to you, you feel like they’re cutting you a huge deal.

    But don’t take my word for it, shop around.

    Go to Parkers, talk to them there, THEN go to Sleep Country and The Brick. You’ll see what I’m talking about.


  3. strangely, I’m a fan of sleep country. My lovely queen bed is a graduate of the sleep country school of how to be a bed, from ’98 or so. My parents took pity on me after my boyfriend & I broke my futon frame. No, we weren’t doing anything naughty at the time. Pity, that’d make a much better story.

    But still, I kinda like them. Maybe it’s because I can’t get Christine Magee’s voice out of my head. (When I was in the US, it was Sunny Colby Cook’s voice. It stayed in my head the entire 7 months I lived there…)

    Whatdya know, advertising works.

  4. I bought my new bed from IKEA and it is the most comfortable bed evah! 😉 The M-man agrees! *lol*
    I think the frame, headboard and mattress total came to $700 or so, which is a bargain in my books!

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