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  1. Jen, I saw your pic with the short hair, and you look Ok but you have such a pretty face that you’d look totally gorgeous with long hair!! You’d look slimmer and more feminine, so I hope you consider growing it out.

  2. Jen: Actually, I had to do the same when I had long hair, too. Sticking it in a ponytail without at least getting it wet made it look … well, gross and stringy, even in in the ponytail. I can get away with a lot more now.

    As for the growing out a shaved head? Definitely not — I’ve been getting regular cuts since August (I figured if I was job hunting, it should look on purose.) It’d be much longer than it is if I were growing it out — I’m keeping it at this boys-cut-length for the forseeable future. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Honestly, my hair is MUCH easier to take care of at this length than it ever was when it was longer. However, this may be a side effect of my extremely thin, fine hair. There’s no weight to it, so it doesn’t get pulled down into some reasonable facsimile of hair…

    Confession: There have been a couple of mornings when I slept through my alarm clock when I didn’t even *look* at my hair before going to work. Clothes, brush teeth, apply deoderant, find shoes, gone. Looking at my hair later, strangely enough, it wasn’t bad. I was impressed.

    YMMV, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Funny – I never thought about Devon & Donna has having “short hair” – I considered them in the “growing out a shaved head” phase. And I’ll admit, I don’t blowdry my hair every day either – usually on weekends I’ll just gel it, and it stays ok (though not really great looking). Letting it dry naturally with no product though – bad idea.

    And I think we all agree that while we may not all blow-dry, or not all use product – we need to at least soak the hair daily to look like humans. That’s what I was getting at with maintenance. You can’t wake up, brush, and put it in a ponytail. You have to make a conscious effort to do *something* with it.

  4. I have the opposite problem — thin, fine hair. Very annoying. However, it means that it’s easy to tame at very short lengths (near impossible if it’s anything longer than an inch or two).

    I also have a habit of accidently saturating my hair in product because I put a tiny dollop in my hand, and … sloosh, I’m drowning in it.

    Lately, I’ve given up on product. I scrub it dry with a towel and let it dry however it wants to. Aside from the occasional weird cowlick, it looks surprisingly good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have super thick hair, too, which requires a complete soak, too. Which I do by showering every morning and rinsing it out real good. That helps with product buildup, too. I would die if I had to wash my hair every day.. it makes my hair so yucky and dry and gross.

    And I hear you on the “lots of product needed on thick hair” thing. I go through more hair product that should be humanly possible. My hair is a freaking sponge. Which is why my stylist uses thinning shears on my whole head when I go see her. She takes nearly half my hair off. Otherwise I look like a puffball. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Devon:
    It’s not applicable to everybody, but i have **super thick**, slightly wavy hair.. It won’t keep a shape through sleeping and cannot be coaxed into something other than All Over The Place MESS (and not in the good way.) without being fully saturated with water. Even trying to spritz it a bit to tame it with water doesn’t work since it won’t get the under lying layers of hair (this is why i also can’t take a 10 minute shower. Even with short hair it takes longer than that to get my hair wet and then rinsed of anything that i put into it).

    There is always the resolved issue of using product in the hair, but if i do that on day one my hair will look – uhm – groddy the next day. And most forms of product also leech out massive amounts of hair colour, so i tend to not like using them anyway. Not to mention the amount of product you have to use in freaking thick hair ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve got it pretty good in one respect though: I can get away with having something as short as chin length hair and, because of the thickness and massive weight of my hair, it will have the appearace of being semi-short, but act like long hair in that it will generally stay nice on it’s own because of the weight.

    It’s a shame though because my hair dresser *really* likes me with short hair. She’ll have more fun with long hair anyway — although i suppose that that will mean spending more time in her chair when i do get a cut because she really likes playing with my hair. Meh.

  7. Also, hmm. I agree with most of what you’ve said, except for the getting ready in the morning business. I’ve never blow dried my hair, and all I need to do my hair in the morning is about 1 minute, a towel, some product, and my fingers.

    Granted, I have my share of bad hair days, but I’m conscious of when they happen. Usually I just don’t care enough to pay attention to what I’m doing. If I pay attention to what I’m doing, I can have fabulous hair with the above routine.

    And for those that don’t know me: I’ve had hair ranging from short to very short to bald in the past decade, and many different styles including so-called “high maintenance” layered cuts and plain old buzz cuts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. One note of dissent — while many women have the experiences Jen mentions (probably most, even) it doesn’t HAVE to happen that way.

    I went from middle-of-my-back length (which is as long as my hair gets — trust me, I’ve tried) to shaved. The way I see it? Fuck, it’s just hair. It grows. Hair does that. A shaved head is the easiest haircut to look after, period… although you do have to cut it a bit more often, but you can do that easily enough yourself.

    Now I’m sitting on short hair again. I don’t think I’ve actually had to start combing it yet since I shaved it. I can usually stick it in the right direction after hopping out of the shower — and washing it definitely isn’t necessary either. However, this may be because I specifically asked for a low maintenance boys cut. The girly cuts would definitely take more work, but I refuse to spend more than a couple of minutes fixing my hair, but I don’t want long hair.

    My point? It IS do-able to have low maintenance short hair. Look at how many guys do it.

  9. As a long-time short hair person, I concur with absolutely everything you’ve said. People seem to think that short hair is easier to look after. It’s NOT. And the difference between a good short hair cut and a bad short hair cut is subtle in the salon and very, very, obvious on the morning after the cut.

    As for why we spend so much on hair cuts? I agree again. It’s got NOTHING to do with the boys or the other girls or anything like that. It’s for US. It’s about taking pride in your appearance. It’s about pampering yourself. It’s about saying “my hair is worth more than a CD”.

    There are some people in this world that I know and love who spend very little money on their hair… but it’s either a case of they don’t care, or they’ve managed to do the impossible, which is to find a talented stylist who understands what they want and doesn’t charge very much. That sort of thing only happens on a fluke.

  10. There should be some mention in here that if you decide that you don’t like your short hair it WILL look like shite until you grow it out. Short hair, even with the lovely “transition” hair cuts, looks bad growing out.

    That said: people seem to like how i look a lot better with short hair, but i hate *having* to play with it daily and *having* to wash it daily. Washing it daily is bad for the brilliant, vibrant, and non-naturally coloured hair dyes that i use, and they’re too dear to my heart to give up (and i know, because i’ve tried. After six months with “normal” hair i was still looking in the mirror and feeling shock whenever i woke up).

    Of course, the expressions on other people’s faces when they first see you with short hair after having very very long hair might just make everything worthwhile.

  11. Chris: I don’t know where you find these girls that say they spend money for men. I spend it for *me*.

    I could grow my hair out again and go back to $20 cuts – but I enjoy the short hair more. And for the record, I spend about $90 (including tip) every 5-6 weeks for cut *and* colour. And that’s only because my hair grows silly fast.

  12. I went from long hair to short back in the spring. The decision was based partially on my having received a mullet from a hairdresser who didn’t speak English very well. Perhaps, though, it’s my fault for having told her that I’d recently moved to Surrey.

    The hair, even short, was a complete mess. I kept going to the cheap-ass places and getting completely random snips off my head. Then I got a job, and decided to try out a real salon. I ended up with a much more manageable cut that two months later has yet to turn into a mop. For that alone, the stylist deserves a medal.

    I wish I’d had the money earlier this year to follow your advice. It would’ve saved me a summer of white-afro.

  13. And now I take this opportunity to laugh at girls.


    $50-$300 on a haircut seems rather ridiculous to me. I’m hovering at about $15 every 2 months.

    And to all those who say that girls do it to impress boys, they’re not impressing me. I’d be fine with a girl with a $20 haircut.

  14. ok, so maybe you people can help me out, b/c i have a problem that sounds vaguely like something at least *someone* might have gone through already and can give me tips.
    i’ve had long hair for my whole life. it’s thick, it’s slightly wavy, like knemesis and devon, and i’m completely sick of it. it is a complete and utter pain in the ass to deal with in the morning so much so that i either put it up in a ponytail, or a bun, which pulls my hair out at the hairline and leaves me with a zillion little frizzies all over my head.
    i don’t use a blowdrier because it’s bad for the hair, and i haven’t got the money for a straightener. i use garnier fructis sleek & shine and pantene pro-v shampoo.
    i’m starting college this fall, and i’ve wanted a bob-type cut since i was 5 and tried to do it myself. sounds like it’ll be more trouble than it’s worth, but i really want something easy and new. and i’m kinda determined to get a bob.
    any suggestions? or maybe tips on how to keep my hair looking nice without blowdrying in the morning? or how ’bout a style idea? or a hairstylist in the massachusetts area that you really really love??

  15. my hair is also mid back and very thick. I use herbal essences and just plain mousse after i get out of the shower. isis, you should get a bob I’ve had one a couple of times before and it’s really easy to maintain. Also if you want get bangs on the side about mid cheek length. Ask for A-line bangs so you can put bangs on either side.
    ABOUT A BOB: don’t get a bob, especially with bangs if you can’t stand hair in you face. Most bobs are too short for ponytails, so you constantly have to put your hair behind you ears, therefore giving you the authentic Yoda-ear look

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