8 thoughts on “Bass-Ackwards”

  1. All this talk just reminds me that I have to buy a watch for school. I haven’t worn a watch regularly in a long time. It’s going to drive me insane to wear one almost every day…at least for the first little while.

    (But I won’t complain about having an excuse to buy myself a new watch!)

  2. I wear my watch on my right wrist too and everytime someone notices they seem to feel the need to point out that you’re “supposed” to wear your watch on your left wrist. What’s up with that?

    I’d rather not wear a watch at all than wear one on the left. It feels terribly unnatural after all this time.

    Just letting you know you’re not alone!

  3. Tip Dyslexics for Handy:

    1)make 2 fists.
    2)extend pointer finger and thumb from each fist.
    3)twist wrists in such a way as to have your fingers make one “L”, and one backwards “L”.
    4)the hand with the “L” shaped fingers is your LEFT! Marvelous!
    5)We are dyslexic of borg. you will be ass laminated

  4. You wear your watch on your RIGHT wrist? Girl, that’s just weird shit. *lol* No WONDER you’re accident prone!

  5. Ooh, I totally get that. Not about the watch, since I just use my phone for time-checking purposes, but about the hand-adornments in general.

    I have a bracelet on my right wrist, a small slender gold band on my left ring finger, and a larger gold ring with a star sapphire on my right ring finger.

    If anything happens and these adornments are moved, removed, or even just flipped upside down (in the case of the sapphire ring) I get all discombobulated and the world stops making sense.

    I also get all bent out of shape if I’m not wearing a necklace. I MUST fiddle with a necklace throughout the day or I go batshit. For the last week, I’ve been wearing two necklaces even — because I’m a giant dork, of course. Or because I don’t give a damn that it looks stupid, although the tangling is getting annoying. (One is my regular necklace, the other is two small keys on a shitty chain. This one has entimental value, despite being … a rather weird choice for a necklace.)

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