Magic 8 Ball

4 thoughts on “Magic 8 Ball”

  1. How in the hell do people live like that? Not unpacking their boxes for three weeks? The day i move, it’s almost a garuntee that at least 90% of what i own will be unpacked before i let myself go to sleep.

    In fact, when i moved out of my parents place i spent until 9pm unpacking. By the time i was finished my room actually looked like it had been “home” to me longer than anybody else who lived in the house.

  2. I’d try to not be home, but I suspect this will last at least a week. The movers may show up and take the heavy things tomorrow, but I’m guessing all her other random crap will hang around a bit longer. When she moved in, it took her an entire month to do it (and another 3 weeks before she unpacked it all).

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