5 thoughts on “STICKY: Roomie?”

  1. Hey, question for you? Would you be willing to move? There’s a girl at work who just leased a 2-bedroom suite about 3 blocks away from you (with her sister, who is now going to flake out on her it seems).

  2. Considering the outcome of the election down here, that is *such* a tempting offer. But alas, I have a lease and two cats who are still PO’d about the last move, so probably not a good idea. LOL.

    Good luck. I truly hope you find a good roommate, although they are about as rare as good men. Unfortunately.

  3. Mel and I are moving into a new place December 1st, and we’re getting a cat. Are you a cat? If so, we could have room for you.

  4. I can think of someone that may need a way out of a certain situation, someone that you’re friends with, a former co-worker…just putting it out there in the universe. Don’t be mad at me for suggesting it (either one of you!)

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