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  1. Hi peechie!

    I hope you had a nice weekend, and a Happy halloween, and did not get hit with any eggs, because I did!

    Here are my answers!

    A is for age: Can’t tell you because my mom says not to give out personal information, so I say ok.
    B is for booze: Huh?
    C is for career: I hope to work where my big brother works making Chinese Tacos
    D is for dad’s name: It starts with an N, and ends with a N, but I call him dad.
    E is for essential item to bring to a party: My Puma’s
    F is for favorite song at the moment: Only Time – by Enya
    G is for girlfriend: Sally Smalltree, I think.
    H is for hometown: New York
    I is for instruments you play: I play a little black flute, but my big brother says I suck!
    J is for jam or jelly you like: I don’t eat jelly, but my grandma does, and it’s gross!
    K is for kids: That’s what I am, just tall and hairy
    L is for living arrangements: I live under our roof with my hamster Duckie.
    M is for mom’s name: Starts with a J, but it’s not Jack.
    N is for name of your best friend: Duckie, my mom, baby sister, Sally, Nadia, Alice, and old lady Bags.
    O is for overnight hospital stays: Alot!
    P is for phobia: What’s that?
    Q is for quote you like: El Nino is spanish. It is the spanish word for child. Like all things spanish, it is dangerous. It kills people and burns down trees. – Jeremy Lavine
    R is for relationship that lasted the longest: My family!
    S is for sexual position: To wait for the right time, because I’m not ready!
    T is for time you wake up: whenever my hamster Duckie does his aerobics in his wheel.
    U is for unique trait: When I traited some baseball cards to get an old Reggie Jackson card!
    V is for vegetable you love: All of them, including leafs.
    W is for worst trait: Instead of getting Reggie Jackson, I got a Pokemon card!
    X is for x-rays you’ve had: My arm, but mostly my head, because I hit it alot, and that hurts!
    Y is for yummy food you make: Cornflakes
    Z is for zodiac sign: Peaces

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