4 thoughts on “Sloth”

  1. Recipe for a wireless lan.

    Wireless Router 802.11 b/g protocol.
    Connect Router to your Cable/DSL Modem.
    Wireless PCMCIA Card, same protocol.
    Install Wireless card in laptop.
    Set up WEP Encryption on the router.
    Configure Wireless card to use the same WEP key.

    If encountering problems, obtain a cheap (ie Free) and reliable Guru. But first I must meditate and chant the Mantra “Rammmmmmmmmmm…. more Rammmmmmmmmmm…”

  2. peanut: well, or a hub that someone ELSE has left on default. So anyone can use it. And peechie does live in some complex of housing. Therefore… chances are increased… 😉

  3. Congratulations–strong work!

    On the other hand, may I come out against usage of the term ‘squee’. My main problem is that I’ve never heard the real-world equivalent, so I have difficult imagining what it sounds like (compared to, say, ‘woot’.) I also relate it to ugly words like squeegee and squiff.

  4. You can’t have a wireless connection without a wireless hub 🙂

    If you want your laptop to be wireless, you’ll need a wireless card for the laptop and a wireless hub. You can still plug your computers straight into the hub, so you don’t need a wireless card there.

    You’re looking at about $100 for the hub and $50 for the wireless Card for your laptop.

    Congrats on the computer! WOO!

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