To Brew, or not to Brew

7 thoughts on “To Brew, or not to Brew”

  1. And remember, lighter roasts actually have more caffiene, so if you’re looking for a bigger jolt, switch from dark to light.

  2. Well, now you balance the staleness leaving it all night, (free), versus expensive rancid coffee.

    I claim to make it home. Timer, Turn it on soon as you wake, or whatever. Of course, I don’t have a fine taste for coffees as most people do.

  3. Automatic brewing. It doesn’t brew until just before your alarm goes off, so you wake up smelling the heavenly aroma of morning.

    Or, a different coffeeshop along the way to work. I’ve been known to stop at Melriches (Best Coffee Shop Ever) in the morning. They also have heavenly sticky buns.

  4. Well if you’re worried about making coffee and having to get up earlier, make the pot ready to go before you go to sleep, and then turn it on (unless you have a timer of course) as soon as you get up. That way, it can brew while you’re getting ready, and then all you have to do is pour, mix, stir, put the lid on, and head out. Takes 3 minutes! 3!!!

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