Window to my World

12 thoughts on “Window to my World”

  1. I can’t believe nobody has said breasts.
    Well, that’s two (one picture each please)… so my third would have to be… hrm… where to go with this one… how about taking a shot at drawing a famous piece of art (something by Dali, Rembrandt, etc.whatever) in MS-Paint.

  2. 1) The inside of your fridge. No cheating/cleaning beforehand.

    2) Timed camera picture from the -inside- of the oven, facing the window.

    3) Your room at messiest. No cheating/cleaning up beforehand either.

  3. 1. The books on your bookshelf – an inside look into the mind of peechie! *lol*
    2. Your most treasured item.
    3. A picture of you as a child.

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