6 thoughts on “Obsession”

  1. Yikes. That is an obsession — But, hey, if it helps, you go girl 🙂

    ps: I still don’t think you need to lose lbs. — Sheesh!
    pps: From one single chick to another, I understand, though.

  2. Some friends of mine figured out that the rough equivalent of the Points formula is 50 calories = 1 point, but before you do that, you add approx. 10 calories to your count for every fat gram, and subtract 5 calories from your count for every fibre gram.

    It’s not an exact science, but if your points calculator is not at the grocery store with you, you can still figure out the rough Points value of what you’re buying.

    Do you have the online Weightwatchers membership as well? They have a Points calculator where you just enter the name of the food you ate and it tells you how many Points it is. It’s a great food tracker. Helps more if you use it, too.

  3. i kinda realized that i’ve crossed over the line when i picked up a can of spam looking for the carb/calorie content. which in itself was kinda ironic.

  4. Points are derived using a formula that includes total Fiber, Calories & Fat grams in any given item of food.

    Some examples:

    Carrots: 0
    1/2 c. Skim Milk: 2
    Lean Cuisine Frozen Dinner (most varieties): 5
    3 Breakfast Sausage Links: 9

    Based on the Flex Points program, someone of my weight should be eating 20 points/day with the option of an extra 35 “flex” points per week.

  5. I could go find this out, but it’s early and I’m lazy–how does a Point(tm) differ from a calorie? Is it some combined expression of nutrition?

    For about 6 weeks, out of curiousity, I used FitDay.com to track everything I ate. I’ve done the same thing for a couple of months with every cent I spend. Both cases made for some illuminating discoveries.

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