9 thoughts on “Hyperbole”

  1. Ah yes, Jens and guns. Can it ever get any better than that ?

    PS: you need to reload in that picture.



  2. Perhaps they’re unclear that you want to date them, not intimidate them 😉

    Although quite frankly, I think any boy reading your blog who gets intimidated ought to have his head examined. You’re bright, sassy, fun and you’re not afraid to express your opinions. How can anyone be put off by that?

    [Oh right…the gun thing 😉 ]

  3. Hahahah… yeah I remember seeing that picture a long time ago, before I met you, and wondering exactly what kind of person you really were. I have to say it wasn’t very encouraging to me. But now that I know you, it’s funny to see it again.

  4. You know, for a moment there I was worried that you weren’t using proper ear protection. But then I spotted that hint of orange in your left ear. Way to eschew the big, goofy-looking ear muffs. That would have detracted from the femme-fataleness of the photo a bit.

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