Moving Forward

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  1. Get yourself a software package like Quicken to make the budget in. You can download your bank transactions into it each week (or every two weeks) and classify each expense into a category. That’ll show you what you’re actually spending in a month. Then you set your budget depending on what you want to realistically spend, and you use Quicken to monitor it. I can show you how, if you want.

    As for limiting your spending, I do recommend giving yourself a set budget, e.g. $50, to spend on absolutely unnecessary things each month or each week or whatever. Then you won’t feel like you’re totally depriving yourself, which usually leads to a huge splurge.

  2. 1. your roomie is going to pay for the housekeeper?? as long as you don’t have to, i’m all for it!

    2. finding some way to keep yourself motivated and committed. whether that’s finding a work out buddy or setting a realistic goal. speaking of work out buddy, where do you work out?

    3. what i find helpful is having my bank automatically withdraw a set amount of money from my account and placing it into an account that i can’t access (and with a higher interest rate)

  3. Gradually!

    Instead of deeming it a general ‘getting life in order’ and making a huge lists that all of a sudden it seems like such a giant task, take it one thing at a time. Doing it all at once, even if all the steps are just small steps, they still amount to a lot…

    Laying down the ground rules is a good start. But I’d suggest that you break down each step into steps. You’re doing so much! Put the road in front of you, make sure each of your items match up.

    Honestly, I do the same thing. Bite off more than I can handle, and end up burnt out, disappointed, frustrated and I give up.

    and know that I love you 🙂

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