All by Myself

13 thoughts on “All by Myself”

  1. I used to have aim, but quit then came back, and new puter, and that sucks ass too…. and now I have yahoo but no aim, and I would rather have aim!

  2. Heya! I, too, find IM incredibly distracting although I do use it at work and a lot of work communication does actually happen over IM as well (a lot of non-work communication as well, however)

    If I were really serious about getting rid of distractions though I would also have to give up my email which is probably 10 times worse that IM (I’d also probably have to give up work foozball) Ack.

  3. I have aim at work, but only because we need to talk to our divisions all over the states and to our Network Operations Centre for running the queue, not that it stops us from surfing the internet for funny sites and sending the urls to each other or anything.

  4. w00t, just saying hi!

    Must be desolate, no talky talky. There’s always making emails become like IMs.

    Solution: Become the Admin, and make the rules.

  5. You are not alone, peechie! Even though I can’t IM you anymore from my office, just to chat about how stupid the things at CT were, I still love ya! šŸ˜‰

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