5 thoughts on “Cooties!”

  1. Okay, then… That sounds like drama to me. I take it back 🙂

    I, on the other hand, am simply going on many, may first dates looking for someone that has the same passion for life that I do. It’s hard to find out there in the dating pool, but I’ve found it before and I know I’ll find it again.

    Your roommate sounds like she needs to calm down with her new boy, and just take things one day at a time… She should be happy that she’s found someone who obviously cares a great deal for her.

  2. The drama comes in with the fact that she’s got a great guy who’s interested in her (and meets every single one of her standards) – but she’s playing her own twisted version of “the rules” and tries to turn every nice remark he makes and every “nervous guy social blunder” into some sort of crisis.

    Toss in the fact that she’s still in love with her ex, and has told him that despite the fact that they “broke up” (for the last time) over a year ago, he’s still got first-dibs on her, if he’d just say something. And though they both say their relationship doesn’t work anymore, he still calls here 3 times a day.

    Oh, and for those who are curious, it was the new guy who was here Friday night, and apparently I can expect seeing a lot more of him around….

  3. Maybe it was both. Wouldn’t that be exciting?
    Curiosity is food for the drama queen’s soul.

    Dating is ultra boring. I take the Beautiful Mind approach.

  4. Err… I’ve been accused of being a bit of a drama queen myself lately with all my recent dating adventures.

    I have to ask, though… Why is she a drama queen? To be frank, I think my friends are labelling me incorrectly — I am having a life, complete with interesting, new guys, and there’s not a whole lot of drama to be found.

    I guess it depends on what you label as “drama”?

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