Call me Crazy…

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  1. This is why I would love to take Sociology. Group behaviour facinates me.

    Speaking from a hypocondriach’s point of view, I know for a fact I would have acted in such a fashion. I’m paranoid about stuff like that and I can imagine the most horrific symptoms. I’m sure that I would have thrown myself into convulsions had I been on that bus. *lol*

  2. I think the difference lies in *who* got sick during the bus ride, and the circumstances surrounding it. People get sick. We all know that.

    But when the driver gets sick, after being threatened, and the bus *has* to stop, people get a chance to stop and think. Not that bus drivers never get sick, or threatened – but both together, along with an unknown (albeit harmless) suspicious entity is enough to turn anyone’s mind (and stomach) toward panic.

  3. I’m sorry, I just don’t think a bus full of people is the type of situation prone to that sort of mass hysteria.

    Think of it this way, a bus (especially a BLine) is full of people going places. They’re concerned with getting where they’re going. They’re focused on their jobs, school, appointments, etc.. That seems like completely the wrong pot for brewing mass halucinations/hysteria/anxiety/whatever you wanna call it.

    The other day someone puked on the 98 BLine and while people were grossed out there was almost a unanimous desire for the bus to continue its route. All of the passengers were upset that the bus was pulled off of the route (this was 2 days before the “poisoning” incident) for cleanup as the bus driver insisted that it was a “biohazard”.

  4. I like Dr. Mathias’ theory. I think as a society we’re a little too jumpy about the whole terrorism/chemical warfare thing, and people – usually fuelled by the media – have a tendency to blow things way out of proportion.

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