Is there a Doctor in the House?

4 thoughts on “Is there a Doctor in the House?”

  1. Strep’s going around big time right now. My friend just had it, and the antibiotics helped right away. Head into a walk-in and get it checked — You’ll save yourself a world of pain! 🙂

  2. your tonsil stones hurt? er, i guess mine do, too, now that i think about it. in a scratchy throat kind of way, though. like i need to clear my throat.

    pain in the throat is almost always a virus or bacteria. gargle with salt, keep hydrated, and see a doc if you develop a fever. *hug*

  3. Could be strep throat or another bacterial or viral infection. Your immune system is negatively affected by drinking binges, and may have let its guard down.

  4. Sorry to hear you’re feeling crappy…but very happy you emailed the F&S pics! *lol* Especially since I just had a 7-hour psuedo “date” with the M-man! *hee hee*

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