Me Memory Meme

5 thoughts on “Me Memory Meme”

  1. peanut stole my memory! cottage deli. sammiches. not wanting to go back to work. being annoyed when damon showed up to eat his lunch. good times. 🙂

  2. The first time I met Peechie was at an irc meet. I think it was Ineb’s cheesy b-day meet at metrotown. At any rate, here was this cute little vixen in a spaghetti strap tank with a condom tucked under one bra strap. How could I not say hi and introduce myself ?! Ah, the bad ‘ol days.



  3. In all honesty, nothing compares to the scavenger hunt. Really, I’d like to be original and come up with something else, but holy fuck that was funny. 🙂

    Most memorable of that night: Tit flashing. Yowza. 🙂

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