Deep Thoughts

3 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts”

  1. I came to a point just over a year ago when i decided that posting certain things on my website (where i had no control over who was reading what) really wasn’t in my best interest, so i ended up posting somewhere where i could control who read what i was saying.

    Now i post almost nothing to my website, and post absolutely anything i feel like in the other place.

    For me, it all boiled down to the pressure that other people put on me for what i might say publically, even though it would be something that i would say in person.

    I’d rather write with the freedom of knowing that i’m writing for me, rather than an audience. It goes to the point where i print out entries i’ve written online and chronologically file them away in a binder. I want to be able to read these things once the internet is dead 😉

  2. It is very easy for people to find out what you’ve written about them when you’re using their proper name. I’ve had three subjects of blog posts send e-mails or leave comments on my blog in response to what I’d written (fortunately, everything I had to say was positive and vice versa).

    A lot of people are out there Googling their name on a regular basis.

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