Sad Goodbye

3 thoughts on “Sad Goodbye”

  1. oooh. Poor nipple ring. While I don’t have any nipular parts pierced, I think I’d go bonkers without my tragus & helix — I play with both of those on a regular basis…

  2. I had to do that to my nipple ring a few years ago. I’d had it for roughly 5 years, and one day it just started to move to the outside of the breast.

    I ended up taking it out and getting the other nipple pierced later the same year for my birthday. Oddly, whereas the first nipple ring never really healed, the second one healed completely within two months.

    Taking out the nipple ring didn’t make me nearly as sad as taking out my eyebrow ring though. It’s been months and i still reach up and try to pull where the ring had been :/

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