Save the Hookers, they make Gread Ad Copy!

6 thoughts on “Save the Hookers, they make Gread Ad Copy!”

  1. PETA still has this ad on their site

    Nonviolence Begins at the Dinner Table

    “..Our point? Consumers who may have eaten human flesh probably didn’t notice because pigs and people alike are made of flesh and blood, i.e., “meat.” Like humans, pigs value their lives and are capable of suffering and experiencing both joy and sorrow.”

    Hey, maybe people DID notice the food tasted different that day, but they ignore anything and instead of concentrating on the fact that there was “people” in the meat, they lump humans right next to animals. It comes down to a basic difference between wether or not humans or animals are the same. Essentially a creationist vs. evolutionist philosophy.

  2. Yes you’ll be pleased to know that Coast Advertising, which owns most of the billboards, has firmly and publicly stated they will NOT be allowing those ads to appear on any of their billboards or other advertising properties. I read that in the Sun yesterday, I believe.

  3. I am completely disgusted by this lude attempt at “shock value”. These people don’t give a shit about life- all they care about is the fame that goes along with all the publicity. We have some pretty sick individuals out there that need a swift kick in the caboose.

  4. Holy fuck. Seriously, if i were part of the family of one of those victims.. having been through so much? I would go out, find a lawyer, and sue for a fucking HELL of a lot of money. I wouldn’t care if i got any back, but i would sure as hell want to make it inconvenient for them to even BREATHE because of the negative publicity from that kind of lawsuit.

    It’s pretty fucking disgusting when people who’ve disappeared, and later discovered to be murdered in a rather disgusting manner are used for advertising.

    What ever happened to letting the dead rest in peace?!

  5. Just one more reason I want to tie down all PETA supporters and make them watch me eat a bloody rare 16 oz. steak.

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