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  1. I’ve taken the occasional mental health day, but I usually label them that way. Conveniently, my coworkers already know that I’m mildly insane, so that’s okay. However, I’ve occasionally lied and said that I was physically ill so that I could take a mental health day. That’s about as far as I go with lying about it. 🙂

  2. If I ever caught one of my staff out and about when they’d called in sick, I think I’d do two things. First, I’d laugh at their stupidity. Second, I’d give them a serious talking to.

    I never leave the house when I’ve called in sick, unless I’m going to the doctor or to the pharmacy. If I’m taking a personal day, I’ll stay home and sleep and watch movies. I wouldn’t go out and about. I’m just not that stupid.

  3. I *HATE* the way people are so bloody irresponsible. My ex-roommate messaged me the other day on MSN at a time when she was supposed to be at work. I asked her about work and she said “I don’t go to WORKPLACENAMEHERE anymore.” I said “wtf!? Did you just call in and quit or what?” She responded that no, she’s just not going to go anymore. She’s so irresponsible she can’t even be bloody bothered to call and say she’s quit. I was flabbergasted. She’s had this job for the past five months, and it’s not one of those jobs from hell where your boss is molesting you or something stupid.

    I just can’t believe that people are so inconsiderate as to do something like that. Yes, i’ve taken a few personal days before, in a job where we were allowed 5 a year. Sometimes you really just do need to take a day off or you’ll go insane. I’ve only ever done that in one job though. I felt guilty for having done it at the time, too. Does nobody else feel crappy when they do shite like that? Arg.

    People are so stupid, and so irresponsible :/

  4. Hah, I’m not so stupid – I have taken one or two mental health days, but stayed at home. And out of sight.
    A coworker was not so bright. He took a sick day every month but would call his wife (who also worked at the same company) AT WORK to ask what he should get while shopping. The phone was in a public place and it was obvious to whom she was speaking.
    We’ve also had commuters who call in sick when they miss their rides (no bus goes near where we work). Very obvious.
    For the most part, people get a slap on the wrist, “you were found out”, and depending on the manager, a note in their personnel file.
    When I am home sick I’m afraid to even venture to the drugstore, lest an off-work coworker see me!

  5. I wonder if these people playing hookie realise that it affects everyone around them; right down to the very clients/customers that these companies deal with. It’s a matter of work ethic man…..

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