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  1. “But the Canucks didn’t see it that way”

    No, I didn’t miss the point of the article. Even though I agree with it (the article) for the most part, I feel more so that with the encouragement of his team mates; Bertuzzi did what he did. They were ALL pissed off at what happened.

    Bertuzzi is the enforcer. What he did, he did FOR his teammates. When the article says, “Add it all up and the final meeting of the season between the two bitter rivals last week smelled of disaster…” It’s not just a few people on the team who are rivals. It’s the -whole- team.

    Yes, the league may have issues, but hockey is hockey. Where’s the policing within the team? What Bertuzzi did was not just something he himself did alone. He did it for his team. What one man does, the whole team does.

    By suspending and fining him, DOES it really hurt the whole team? And does that punishment fit the crime? His whole team is at fault here… He was just the messenger; but his apology is the only one being demanded and then scrutinized. I felt like the article was really trying to blameshift from a specific problem where we may have potential solution to a general league wide problem with issues surrounding “officials” and “refs” where there is really no salvation in sight. While I agree with that on some levels, I don’t see it helping the situation any, either.

    TEAMS need to be standing behind what their players do. HIS team. All the teams.

  2. Good article.

    That said, I think that not only the league but the fans should be held accountable.

    I also think that this sport has become a bloody soap opera. It’s just a game, and it’s being turned into a crazy drama of player wars and retaliation. I do have a little bit of advice for the players, though. Grow up. You’re supposed to be adults who are capable of working out differences WITHOUT using your nearly 300lbs of bulk to bash people around. If the league isn’t doing enough, do something about the league. There are better avenues than the ones that are currently taken.

  3. peanut: I think you missed the point of the whole article. The situation that was created was created by the NHL, not (only) the Vancouver Canucks. They’re the other ones that should be held accountable, but haven’t been. And if anyone thinks the NHL has been at all objective about the situation, I’d challenge them to consider the influence of the media and the Colorado Avalanche as well.

  4. “But he is not the only one who should be held accountable.” That’s my take… his team… He’s not alone in what he did.

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