Dumb da Dumb Dumb

4 thoughts on “Dumb da Dumb Dumb”

  1. Ok….so I’m going to go on a limb here and when it comes to work, I don’t normaly do this. Dooood, you are too smart for this job. Ok, enough said. Let’s talk over coffay some time….

  2. I just got a subscription to the Vancouver Sun, but I’m not sure whether that will really help. I find that reading certain blogs keeps me in touch with the world. Also, I try to read at least one non-fiction book every month so my brain stays agile for learning.

    As for the WCB clauses – dear, no big surprise there. They’re not MEANT to be understood.

  3. I’m so afraid that is going to happen to me.
    It almost certaily will too. *cries*
    I plan on taking one course by distance ed every semester starting in the fall just to try and prevent my brain from becoming stagnant. I’ll pick up a postbacc eventually too (or a second degree) *heh*.

  4. Reading anything and everything helps.

    But it still happens. The further we get away from schooling the more unlike a student we become. There are certainly ways to be educated, of course, but nothing quite touches the zealot that is a student.

    Or, quite frankly, the arrogance. You and i are both at an age where it’s quite common to be surrounded by students, or to be a student. I think there are things we forget though: like how we would probably argue (to the point of death) certain things we learned in class without having the brain to realise that maybe there are more sides to the issue than what we merely study.

    I don’t miss it, you know. I don’t miss taking a course, reading a few things for that course, and thinking that that’s everything there is to know. There’s something about being done a certain type of schooling, having your field and being where you wanted to be. Don’t forget what you went to school all those years to become. You’ve kind of earned that right.

    Other than that? Meh. News and popular media will keep you up to snuff with the students. We learn by everything around us, take it as that.

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