One of those days

4 thoughts on “One of those days”

  1. I get in moods where I swear I’m seeing one person in particular on every street corner… which sucks, becuase I have no interest in running into said person and it usually makes me duck my head down to avoid them until I look back and realize hey, that’s not them. 🙂

    Well, except for the one time it was… damn Vancouver for being so darn small. 😉

  2. The on-going joke in my family is, “Hey, Orchid, there’s Eric Stormer!”

    My dad taught this guy and I happened to know him through mutual dealings. I swore, everytime I turned around I thought I saw him. “Dad, there’s Eric Stormer!”

    Guess what, it was never him. Apparently he moved out of town. Go figure…..

  3. I usually think I hear peopl eall the time…just some random person’s voice sounds like one of my friends. It’s odd.

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