9 thoughts on “Invisible”

  1. well if you were *around* lately i would talk to you, my dear paco. tsk tsk. all i can do now is watch you while you sleep. i mean… uh… hi.

  2. Well Baby-Girl… it certainley seems your invisibility is wearing off… I don’t know how anyone could possibly miss you, you gorgeous, kind-hearted creature! I mean… they could miss you, like want to see you… but you are far from invisible!

  3. i felt invisible today too because 3 people bumped into me while i was going to get my morning timmies. and i was wearing a fucking bright orange jacket!

  4. Someone once gave me a fridge magnet that says, “If you think no one cares, just missing a couple of payments….”

    Althought it’s a cute saying, I guess it’s not really appropriate. Dood, I think you rock! You are caring, sensitive and intelligent person who deserves the best. Thanks for being you!

  5. I read your blog daily… I just don’t like intruding on people’s lives much and only leave a comment if the post really warrants one. 🙂

    Congrats on restarting body-for-life btw, sounds like you have a really fun goal to work towards now and when you’re there feeling confident and knowing you look great I’m sure you’ll want to keep it up.

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