Woah-oah Mexico

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  1. i will second the vote for playa del carmen and actually throw in a hotel too… the Hotel Riu Palace Mexico. My sister went there for her honeymoon a couple years back and said it was awesome. They were on a shuttle from the airport and were the last stop on the shuttle, so they got to see everyone else’s hotel. They said they got the best one by far. Also, you can use any of the Riu hotels in the vicinity as part of the all-inclusive deal (not the rooms, just the other facilites like pools, beaches, sports courts, restaurants etc). plus, free booze (not the cheap no-name kind) in your room, restocked daily.


    also, i hear from people who have been to both coasts that western mexico (puerto vallarta, acapulco, mazatlan etc) is nothing compared to the yucatan. plus, there are mayan ruins near playa del carmen!

    my 2 cents

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