2 thoughts on “I Need”

  1. The templates for the comments (preview, etc.) are still pointing to your old style sheet (http://www.web-goddess.net/peechie/styles-site.css). The front page of your site uses the new stylesheet you downloaded (http://www.web-goddess.net/peechie/gerbera_ssheet.css).

    Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple a matter of editing the templates and having them point to the new stylesheet. For whatever reason, the new stylesheet doesn’t include a lot of the CSS code that refers to the tags used in the comments, etc. It looks like you’d have to adapt the old stylesheet so that it uses the new colour scheme, etc. for the relevant CSS selectors/classes.

    I’m kind of surprised that the new design you got from Blogfrocks doesn’t cover all this. It shouldn’t be tremendously difficult to change; however, if you’re not familiar/comfortable with CSS, it might be a bit much to tweak by yourself.

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