Tainted by fear

4 thoughts on “Tainted by fear”

  1. Well, some americans hate canada because we wouldn’t help them make the world hate us… 😉

    That said, most of the strange people you run into are FAR more likely to grab someone and leave them in a dumpster then they are to blow things up. I mean, people get grabbed and left in dumpsters all the time. Only once or twice a year do people suicide bomb. 🙂 (Don’t you love it when I try to cheer you up? Er, right. Shut up, Donna.)

  2. We are never aware of how our action will affect someone else. The smile you gave that man in return was the probably the nicest act anyone has extended to him in a very long time. You roooool.

  3. You’re not the only person who has flashes of fear at times like that. On one hand, it feels awful to “suspect” someone just because they look like a negative stereotype. On the other hand, our brains are designed to trigger a fear instinct when the brain recognizes a threat. In this case, the threat was possibly planted in your mind by the media, but your brain can’t always distinguish between real and perceived threats, which is why our hearts race while watching movies. Most of the real threats that your brain knows about were planted by media or your parents or friends. Why should it react to this one any differently?

    I get a flash of fear when I hear a truck rumbling by loudly, because I was taught that an earthquake can be preceded by a loud noise much like the sound of a truck going by. It’s not realistic and it’s sure not fun living on Oak Street, but that’s how my brain works and I’m glad that it’s still functioning!!

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