5 thoughts on “Halfway”

  1. Everybody seems to be reading that book right now. I picked it up at Superstore the last time i was there for no reason other than a vague rememberance of hearing something about it somewhere (and who knows what it was i heard, since i sure as hell can’t remember.). Well, that and the cover is pretty.

    I haven’t picked it up though, reading other things right now. Good to know that everybody thinks it’s worth reading though.

  2. The other sucky thing is that I was so preoccupied about what was going to happen next, that I glossed over a lot of the finer details. This one is going to take 2 or 3 reads to get everything out of it, for sure.

  3. The worst part about Life of Pi is realizing you’ve come to the end, and you’ll never be able to read it again without knowing how it all ends (and what that crazy island is all about). I envy anyone who’s reading the book for the first time.

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