Ow Ow.

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  1. Body For Life is *AWESOME*! 😀
    Make sure you take before and after pictures. Even if you think it’s silly, or won’t show anybody.. you won’t remember your old body — so take pictures!!

    I can’t afford a gym membership right now (and don’t have the weights and whatnot at home :O ), but i’ve been waiting to do Body For Life for quite a while. It is possibly going to be a Christmas Present (the membership, not Body For Life 😉 ).


  2. aromatherapy. epsom salts. massage.

    what peanut said. 🙂

    i’ll look up some more in my wacky alternative healing books for you, too, jen. and if you want, i can put together an aromatherapy blend for you to use in the bath or in a diffuser.

    just lemme know. 🙂

  3. epsom salts baths.

    stretching before you go to bed.

    giving your muscles a vigorous massage when you put on your lotion in the morning/evening. just a few extra squeezes here and there in your most painful of areas will help circulation and release some tension.

    drink more water than you think you need to.

    take a multi-vitamin.

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