How’s *that* for cryptic

8 thoughts on “How’s *that* for cryptic”

  1. I say screw em! If they have enough time on their hands to go that far back, they are the ones with the issue!

  2. It looks like blog spam to you?
    Is your head full of ROTTEN BORSCHT?

    It does not look like a spam URL to me!!! It looks like a RUSSIAN URL!! Or Mexican.

    Viva Cuba!!

  3. Well, speaking as a total stranger who’s only been reading your blog for a few days, I have to cast my vote for “mindless troll”.

    The post you made was just an open call to the people who regularly read your blog (emphasis on *your*)…what should this person care about it?

  4. looks like blog spam to me.

    blog spam is a curious thing.. people will post weird comments, hoping that you’ll click on the url.. which will be a website selling something.

    the url on that post doesn’t work, but it *looks* like a spam url to me.

  5. hm, that is rather strange. and they were looking at such an old entry. gotta love it when strangers stop by and offer up their two cents…

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