Are you talkin’ to ME?

5 thoughts on “Are you talkin’ to ME?”

  1. I’ve had misunderstandings with people (hi Dev!) when I posted something on my site that was in relation to something that I’d spoken with about them. Almost always, it was creative juices being stimulated indirectly by whoever thought I was picking on them.

    I am, in general, pushy & obnoxious enough that if I have a problem with someone, I’ll bloody well tell them — rather than writing anonymously on my website about them. 🙂

    My bedroom smells like sausage.

  2. hmm i generally don’t lash out “at others” .. i lash out in general. well, when i lash, at least. which isn’t often. well, not frequent, anyhow. 🙂

  3. The general ‘out there’ nature of blogs can be good and bad.

    People can use them to lash out at others with the cover of it being generalized, and people can hide behind them, saying things to make other people feel bad in front of the universe.

    I, personally think that taken with the grain of salt, most things on most peoples blogs are a direct result of something someone else has said… You just have to determine how much you care and or want to be affected by it.

    And when are we going out for those pedicures?

  4. my juices were flowing.

    ew, that sounds dirty. 🙂

    and yeah.. it does affect me. drives me CRAZY. when you’re sick, the entire world wants to tell you how to get better. “take advil!” “take tylenol!” “take neocitran!” “sleep lots!” “bundle up!” “keep your temperature down with a sponge bath!” “take hot showers!” “don’t take hot shower!” etc.

    *rips eyes out*

    but now i am better, and it took less time than my doc said it would, and all is well in my world. 🙂

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