Friday Five

2 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. misery loves company. how about the realization that you didn’t get all of the lemon washing up liquid out of your coffee thermos.. so you sip lemon soapy tea for the day.. technically i’m sure that rinsing it out and getting a whole new cup might work.. but how am i going to rinse the taste outta my mouth? so i sip.. 😐 subconsiously my self is punishing my dirty words don’t you think. dumb too.

  2. SO yeah. Yup, I’m familiar with the whole “vacuum not working” scenario. Ours had the belt break on it and we used it for 6 months without figuring out it was broken.

    “Gosh what’s that burning rubber smell?”
    “I dunno, prolly the vacuum.”
    “Huh. Vacuum doesn’t really work, but what the hell. It was cheap.” (continue vacuuming).

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