Finally, a moment.

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  1. Hi.. my name is shay and i a m 17 yrs old.. i have been on and off sick for 2 weeks and the two bad times has been a fever of 102.9 and vomiting green bile .. i need to know what i should do i also havent eatin anything for 2 days and i feel very nauses.. if you can get back to me plz at

  2. My advice is just that if you plan to take any kind of legal action, which you might at some time, it really helps to have a log of all conversations, phone calls, etc. Use a different page for each date or important phone call. My lawyer said judges LOOOOVE paper so it’s best if you can make your file as thick as possible.

    And for yourself… sounds like you need a manicure or a pedicure or something, dear. *hugs* for making it through the last week!

  3. two things.
    first off. in bc if you do sue a doctor for negligence it’s extremely difficult.
    Here i’ll tell you my quick story about a friend.
    She had cancer, ovarian cancer, they operated to take all the cysts out. THE MAN FORGOT A SPONGE. a freaking big sponge. She got sicker. When they found out that the sponge was in there, due to error and had permamently hampered her chances of recovery, she sued. a ‘very’ long year later she died. (watching her down the strongest form of morphine possible like it was candy was not fun) Because she died the suit evaporated which is what happens in bc. Seems that here in bc, policy is that if the person who suffered due to mal paractice dies then the monatary gain to which should alive that person, is lost. Lost even to family and thier own children. Way to go socialism. (oh and hats off to doctors on covering thier butts on this one. they went over and beyond in their excellent clauses. hippocrates oath anyone?)
    on your mom.. maybe next time..(heaven forbid) you could use your communications thingy for something.. (geez actually use your degree?!) and do a freelance piece on the process of going through the hospital system. while i dont’ think it’ll get printed due to the papers not wanting to stir up too much controversy. you could let the people in the hospital ‘know’ you’re doing a journalistic bit thus encouraging them to put ‘the hospitals’ best foot forward ‘if you know what i mean’ in treating your mom.

  4. My mom has been a nurse for nearly 30 years, and hates to hear about patients being treated as badly as your mom was. I asked her about it, and she said the best thing you can do is talk to the Director of Patient Services at the hospital where your mom was treated. She also recommends sticking very closely to times, dates, and facts, seeing as you’ll be complaining about union workers…and we know how well unions deal with criticism.

    Other people to bitch to: the Fraser Health Authority, the Registered Nurses Association of BC, and the BC Medical Association.

    And please, bitch away. Our healthcare system will never change if people don’t point out the problems.

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