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  1. I am 27 and was diagnosed about 10 yrs ago with chron’s. i am currently going through almost exactly the same thig as your mom. all i cam say is good luck and i hope things get better

  2. fibre fixes everything. sure i may get looks when i go to IGA and buy more fibre than the entire geriatric ward of a hospital, but it does a body good.

  3. *super big hugs*

    A friend of mine that is our age was just diagnosed with Chron’s disease this past summer. The tests that you need to go through are definitely very extremely trying. Especially – as you said – as things that go in, tend to be rejected.

    Big hugs to your mom, too. It’s scary and i hope she’s hanging in there :/

  4. Hope and pray for your mom, and yourself, but remember to enjoy your health as long as you have it. After seeing the things I’ve seen in the lives of both family and friends, especially when it comes to health issues, that is the only helpful thing I can think of to say.


  5. *hugs* Jen. I have a friend from teenage years who has Chron’s disease and I’ve seen him go through a surgery. It’s so tough and so hard to imagine the body can get messed up this way.

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