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  1. Totally.
    Fireworks are so fucking awesome.
    Just time the downswing of the baseball bat behind the shrugs right and it’ll coincide with the Sky-Bang. And then once her family finds her remains, well, then I’m in Cuba sipping Brandy with Castro.

    Ah, yes, it could happen.
    If I weren’t in Toronto, that is. But still. Fireworks are cool, any anyone whose argument for having an event in the end hinges on economics, well, he’s a pretty fucking terrible excuse for a human being!

    I think that the fireworks get a large enough turn-out that their value is evident. But then, this person believes in Internet Voting, so his opinion is SUSPECT! I have trouble meshing with my karma.

  2. my 2 bits:
    after watching said events unfold.. from my place.. i watched roving bands of drunk young men RUIN it for all.. spcifically a group of ‘drunk east indian males’!@ i watched as they attacked stole and looted downtown.. and then to top it off they ‘assulted someone seriously enough to flee like bandits after blood curtling screems of women all around’ (police & ambulance arrived 30seconds after the assault but still they should of been at robson and granville specifically when the crowds were returning!@)
    ludicrious behavious.. it’s up the the citizens of our city to step up and call those boys on thier behavorisms when they are visibly out to start trouble.. these guys were activly RUINING it for everyone.

  3. 300,000 people beg to differ, Darren, and in a region of 2million, that’s a big piece o people. It’s better turnout than the olympic plebiscite, that’s for sure.

  4. It’s important to note that the fireworks are not just a Vancouver thing. They’re actually much like the indy – a stop on a long international tour for pyrotechnics experts to showcase their talents for audiences and judges around the world. I would assume (although feel free to correct me) that there’s a purse to be won for the best competitor. The difference from the indy? The fireworks is available to everyone. It’s not restricted to those who can afford the $100 tickets. And that ticket money doesn’t go back into the city, it goes to the Champ Car association.

    It’s the same as the old major league sports event. Just because they’re “professional” does that make them better? Or is the “amateur” athlete who plays for the love of the game and actually contributes more to the community, and whose sport is accessible to the community a more valuable citizen?

  5. Thanks for your comments, Peechie. Don’t worry, I’m not easily offended. While my weblog does betray my personal distaste for fireworks, I hold that this event–in a summer full of events–doesn’t have much to offer the city.

    As for economic return, if you were to compare the economic impact of the fireworks with that of, say, the Indy (which operates with a similar impact on locals and has a much, much higher profile internationally), the former pales in comparison. A few waiters and hot dog vendors do represent serious money. I don’t like the Indy either, but I can clearly see the value in having it. The same goes for Cirque de Soleil.

    To reasonably have this debate, we need some hard numbers on what various events bring to the city. I say every few years we should knock off the least effective one and try something new.

    More generally, shouldn’t we occasionally evaluate these events? By your reckoning, it sounds like any event is a good event. In fact, in making Vancouver a world-class city, shouldn’t we strive to select only the best, most impressive festivals and special occasions? It’s important to hold these things up to scrutiny and say ‘is this event still relavent?’ and ‘should we try something else?’ The fireworks have had a good run, but I think it’s time to move on.

  6. well said jen!

    I hate the crowds and all the hassle that comes along with it, but I absolutely love the fireworks. It’s tradition (reminds me of when I was a kid), it makes people happy and we are in need of fun events.

  7. It’s a few fucking days a year. We have events and they aren’t month-long festivals in our streets. They upset a bit of downtown traffic.


    BIG BUT.

    They do encourage the people.
    The liven the spirit.
    They make people happy.
    They make people care about the city and be glad that they have the chance to live in a C I T Y because small towns often cannot afford that kind of thing.

    Four days.
    Five days.
    A week out of your year.

    I hate things like fireworks. I hate crowds. It’s not my bag of tea, but would i want to take that away from the THOUSANDS of people who love it? Fuck no. All i do is avoid it: it’s not as though i don’t know when it’s coming.

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