Olympic Pride?

4 thoughts on “Olympic Pride?”

  1. That’s all fine and well – but the event was technically “sold out” through Ticketmaster. So a bunch of people, knowing full well that they might not make it snagged tickets just to feel special? Or just couldn’t be bothered to give their tickets to someone who *could* use them? If I had paid $20 on ebay for tickets like some people did, I’d have been pissed.

  2. well but people have to work.

    there’s no way i can make it there in time to hear the announcement and then get to work on time – enthusiastic or not.

  3. you’re right – the TV cameras did do a great job of making it look very crowded. I was impressed that everyone seemed to be in red and white clothes. Then again, all those empty seats were red, I suppose? Convenient. At least everyone looked a damn sight happier than the shots of people in Pyeongchang.

    I was at the Rally on Robson – I thought it was a great time.

  4. Ahh but they have the next 7 years to indoctrinate the city with their Olympic Fever(tm). Just think, half a generation of kids being raised for the sole purpose of helping 2 week tourists and evicting the majority of the downtown eastside. I hope they’re consulting the Expo ’86 planners on this one.

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