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  1. I’m a huge fan of Blackberry Books down on Granville Island. New books at (usually) very reasonable prices.

    As for the giants putting themselves out of business, I wish πŸ™ Let’s see if I can get this straight in non-accountant-type language… Let’s use Starbuck’s as an example: they flood every street with as many of their little shops as possible. We all think: hey, how can all of these shops still make money?! Answer: most of them barely scrape by in the black, BUT, because there are so many people now buying Starfuck’s rather than local brews, the company has “market share”. When you have no option but to buy at their “fine” establishment, they still grow bigger despite marginal earnings per location.

    You likely already knew all this, so I’ll stop and say sorry for rambling on about something of which you already know. πŸ™‚

  2. i just bought and read the first four harry potter books about a month ago (during the two weeks between spring and summer semester — the only time i’m allowed to read non-academic books *heh*). They were phenomenal. I can’t wait until I can grab a copy of the 5th (unfortunately that’ll probably be between summer and fall semester — i.e., late august). Anyway, I got them at Costco because they were cheaper there than anywhere else I’d seen them.

  3. Not sure how much you ended up paying, but you can probably find any Steinbeck you want in a used bookstore for under $5, and often in a classy old edition. My favourites are Macleod and Albion, both at the corner of Richards and Pender, downtown.

    really, you shouldn’t have to pay more than $5-$10 for old books, ever, if you check used first. plus, you’ll always find another book nearby that looks just as tasty.

    if you need a new book, always try book warehouse πŸ™‚

  4. Chapters-Indigo stinks. I wish they would go out of business.

    My in-laws own the only remaining independent bookstore in Kamloops, Merlin Books. Long before I was required by marriage to “rage against the machine” I was saying that Chapters is going to go down, down down.

    Yuck sick uck puke eww Chapters.

  5. heh, sounds like you came to my store. So many people believe that we sell the same books at the 40% discount πŸ™ I wish! It’s better than the employee discount. Oh and if you ever want books, I have no prob giving you my discount (30% is better than nothing).

    I recommend going to Book Warehouse, I go there (Shh, don’t tell). I wish there was one in Burnaby.

    Oh and the 24 hour hour thing is deceiving. It’s 24 hours for them to locate it in the warehouse…not really for them to get it to you. So they locate it within the day, THEN take their time in shipping it to you.

  6. I really prefer libraries, but right now I think that’s just ’cause I’m poor. When I have a decent income (which should be in about two months’ time…yay!) I will start adding to my own library again. However, because of my slight anti-capitalist sentiments, I will try to shop at places like Book Warehouse instead of the Chapters/Indigo/Amazon giants (though I agree…it’s difficult to pass up the giants’ sales).

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