4 thoughts on “Mighty Fine Frustrating”

  1. sweet mother of god that movie was ASS. i mean, most of his movies are, but this was even worse.

  2. I’ve got to disagree with you here…that was two hours of my life that I’ll never get back. I kind of like Jim Carey in roles like The Truman Show and Man in the Moon, where his more spastic tendencies are tempered by good character work. This film, sadly, lacked any and all character development. We were just watching “Jim Carey” up there. And, despite the excellent (but overdone) parting of the tomato soup, it wasn’t very funny.

    Furthermore, the plot was utter tripe! Were there any surprises at all? Let’s see here–guy meets God, gets his powers, uses them for his own good but then, surprise, surprise, learns a valuable lesson in the end and gets the girl back (don’t get me started on the one-note, charisma-free Jennifer Anniston).

    Whew. Sorry about the rant. I would’ve liked to have read your essay and heard your opinion. DB.

  3. it seems that nobody knows how to end a movie well anymore…some seem crap but are actually brilliant (adaptation) and some crap movies improve at the ending stretch, but totally die by the very end (matrix)…but yeah, I heard Bruce Almighty isn’t bad though.

  4. I heard the first 2/3 of the movie was great and full of Jim Carrey’s hilarity, but that it got overly preachy for the last bit. Haven’t seen it…yet.

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