4 thoughts on “Wasted”

  1. Scooters are a great idea, yes. A bit of a pain in the rain and snow, but there’s nothing else like it. (except maybe a motorbike)

    If mine wasn’t being used, I would ask if you wanted to insure it and borrow it untill I get back. As far as I know, it is being used so tuff-titties. 😛

    As for the easy/difficultness of getting around Vancouver I would say that it might seem harder to get around Vancouver because of the mix of residential and commercial around and scattered all over the city, where-as most cities have more deffinate areas.
    Travelling around the world, I still like Vancouvers set-up much more. Traffic never seems as bad as else-where for one thing.

    Wish I had some help on how to get from point a to b quicker. All I can suggest is that you should move downtown or demand better translink services!

  2. Unfortunately, I take no consolation that I’m being “green”. I’m only in this situation because of a lack of green – so to speak. I’m also seriously considering scooter-ism (are you out there Jesse).

    And think about this: Motorcycles and Scooters are the least environmentally friendly engines out there. They only use so little gas because they’re light – but per gallon they produce over twice the emissions! (but they’re cool, so it’s ok)

  3. As another car-less Vancouverite I feel your pain. Go to any European city the size of Vancouver (or smaller) and getting from A – B is effortless. The same is true of Montreal as well. Vancouver is so painful to travel around.

    That said, you are saving so much money, and energy, by not having a car. So, although it may not be much of a consolation, you’re doing your part to save the world while others do their part to smother it in carbon monoxide!

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