People who have heard me bitch about my boyfriend will have most likely heard me call him the “most selfish person I know” – this is the cause of much of our grief.

Then he does something so uncharacteristic and full of love it reminds me why it works out between us.

He regularly receives perks at work (a national sporting goods retailer) from specific companies if he sells enough of their stuff. One of the latest resulted in him receiving a $500 pair of inline skates for his efforts. He worked really hard to get these skates. They’re really quite an exquisite piece of work.

I met him after work yesterday, and he asked me to grab some stuff out of the trunk. Much to my surprise, I found the pair of rollerblades that I had tried on, fell in love with, and begrudgingly put back on the shelf because being poor and excessively underemployed as of late, I couldn’t afford them.

He sold his brand new expensive skates back to the store, and purchased the skates for me, and a less expensive (and less impressive) pair for himself so that we could go rollerblading together.

How sweet is that?

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