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  1. Try going to Granville Island Market one of these days. I guarantee you’ll find something to inspire you to cook. And even if you don’t go gourmet, you could have something exotic so easily – like a pre-formed lamb burger or a snack of boar prosciutto! (Okay, if you’re vegetarian you might want to smack me now).

  2. oddly, my life seems pretty much the same regardless of my employment status, except I get up earlier in the day when I have a job and I don’t keep up to date on my email so well…

    when I get home, I will send you my cheesecake recipe. it’s so simple, even I can make it!

  3. That’s one nice thing about not having work: there’s an infinite amount of time with which to make all kinds of different foods. I love being unemployed for a couple of reasons: a) i get to paint and draw and read as much as i want. b) i can cook all of those things that would otherwise be only left to weekends (and even then, when you’re working, do you REALLY want to?) because they take so long. c) I clean much more diligently and i get things _done_. d) all those little projects that you want to do, but never seem to have the time for, you actually have time for.

    Unemployment suits me, only because i don’t just sit around doing nothing. I actually get off my ass and do things around the house. I even volunteer and whatnot.

    The bad things about unemployment are still there, though: lack of money, a sort of restlessness as if you’re not doing things that you *should* be, even though you’ve pretty much done everything that you can.

    Mind you, i think i’m one of those magical people who doesn’t get bored. I always seem to know what to do with my time when i have a lot of it. Also, i spend a good portion of the day writing — which is a lot like having a steady job, to me.


    I am babbling in your comments.
    what was my point, again?

    if you don’t already know about it:
    I love this site for recipies. You can see ratings and comments from other users, so you can judge a recipe fairly well by the feedback (usually.)

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