Blatently Obvious

Have you ever noticed that all of the “good ideas” seem to have vanished? Instead of new and innovating products, we are seeing the old and tired junk of yesteryear trumped up with fancy new names. A few examples:

They used to be referred to as hotel shower caps, now they’re Saran Quck Covers.

Once we were enthralled by Chicken Nuggets, now Jason Alexander prompts us to enjoy KFC Boneless Wings.

Apparently, the world of food is suffering the most, because another culprit is the P’zone. Nevermind the fact that “part pizza, part calzone” is actually all calzone, if they call it something different, and put someone trendy in the commercials, perhaps we’ll all clamour for this “new” culinary delight.

Do you have any examples of re-invented crap that drive you nuts?

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3 thoughts on “Blatently Obvious

  1. Sue

    Not a re-invented idea, but what’s the hell with using a Depeche Mode song in a car commercial? Either Honda or Hyundai is using “Just Can’t Get Enough” in their latest ad. Arrrgh. F’ing sellouts.

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