Words of Wisdom

Things still suck (in case any of you wondered) but someone said one of the most encouraging things to me last night. So when you’re feeling blue (as I am) – try to remember this:

Don’t worry if life is cruel to you – that just means it owes you something really great.

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2 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Jesse

    Your deffinatly in a quandry that I don’t think I would want to be in. As for advice, I don’t really have much since the reason I wouln’t wanna be in that position is that I have no answer for it. If that makes sense.

    You know that you are not a bad person.
    I’ve never know’n you to kill anyone, steal anything or go around lying to everyone about everything. Or at all for that case.

    Sounds like you are surrounded by two groups of people, whom are, in my opinion, both being un-reasonable. I am sure it would NOT be the worst mistake of your life and I am also sure that you don’t always do whatever your parents say.
    I’m sure you already know that, but sometimes it’s nice to be reasured.

    Good luck babe. You can’t know the good till you feel the unplesent….

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