from bad to worse

4 thoughts on “from bad to worse”

  1. i think you’re a great person and hell, i only know you through this blog! 🙂

    you seem to be holding up really well considering all the crap that’s been going on…and through finals no less! hang in there!

  2. be strong Jen. We all still love you. They do to, it’s just going to take them a little while to get over their old-school value system and remember that.

  3. a) you’re not a bad person. bad people give me the creeps. you don’t.

    b) your parents love you and will forgive you. that’s what they do.

    c) you can delete the above if you want, as it’s kinda a sneaky bit of unsolicited advice. i’m sorry.. i wrote a huge thing about what i think about all this, reconsidered, and shortened it to that. i can’t help giving advice. it’s what *i* do.


  4. Hard evidence that you’re not a stupid person? Because I don’t like stupid people. Nyaa.

    You asked for no unsolicited advice, but I’m going to give some anyway. Say “fuck ’em all!”, rob a bank, change your name, get plastic surgery and move to Italy.

    Oh, and bring me. 🙂

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