from bad to worse

So, I picked today to tell my parents that my boyfriend is moving in.

This is going to be a doozie folks, so grab a beverage, and settle in….

I called them up and after some casual banter, just decided to blurt it out. Then I had to do that again after my mom said “tell your father.” They (each) had an initial spaz (can’t someone pick up an extension?) about how I was making the worst mistake of my life. Then they hung up.

I got a call back in about half an hour where my dad told me (again) that I was making the worst mistake of my life, and how they would cash in some of their investments just to help me pay rent until another suitable roommate was found – anything so that I didn’t have to live with my boyfriend. Then they had to go (other obligations).

I then completely flipped out and called my boyfriend in hysterics. He came right over, and in an attempt to console me (?) started a huge fight. He figured that if I cave in to my parents, that he can’t be with me because of all sorts of things that I can’t remember now. Reminding me what a jerk he is capable of being, therefore making my parents’ argument seem more valid, and further fueling his opinion that they’re “running my life.” After a healthy 2 hours of getting nothing much accomplished and going through a lot of kleenex, we figured I was strong enough to call my parents back and tell them what’s what.

Once I knew that they’d be home from their aforementioned thing, I phoned and tried to have a civil discussion with them. It sortof worked with my dad who was still clearly disappointed but ultimately said in an exasperated sort of voice that I’m still making the worst mistake of my life, but it is my life. Not so much luck with mom. She went on for a good couple hours about some things that are pretty valid (that I won’t get into here) and that worry her about the situation. I agree with those things, and tried to discuss them with my boyfriend. Apparently he confused that with the little “ding ding” that signals the start of round two. Another fight ensues.

The whole process lasted from about 7:30pm until 11:30pm – which was time I had allotted (at the last minute of course) to write my Canadian Studies take-home final.

So here’s where I stand right now.

My parents (and grandparents, once I get to that level) will be totally disappointed if I move in with my boyfriend, because I am making the “worst mistake of my life.” (If I move in with my boyfriend I’m a bad person)

My boyfriend seems both unwilling to do what it will take to placate my parents a little, and unwilling to see me bend to their will, so to speak. This could seriously be the beginning of the end folks (and remember, we just had a fight, I could be exaggerating, but I don’t know yet). (If I don’t move in with my boyfriend I’m a bad person)

I care about all of the aforementioned people immensely, and will ultimately disappoint 2/3 parties involved (me being one of them in either case).

I have 1250 words due tomorrow at noon and I haven’t started writing yet.

Please note that despite the fact that I debated closing comments for this entry, I won’t. Instead I will just ask that you please not leave any sort of unsolicited advice there (I’ve had far too much of it already) – If you do, I just might delete it. If you have any words of support however, or hard evidence that shows I’m not a bad/stupid person, that would be more than welcome!

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4 thoughts on “from bad to worse

  1. col

    i think you’re a great person and hell, i only know you through this blog! 🙂

    you seem to be holding up really well considering all the crap that’s been going on…and through finals no less! hang in there!

  2. clanrat

    be strong Jen. We all still love you. They do to, it’s just going to take them a little while to get over their old-school value system and remember that.

  3. devon

    a) you’re not a bad person. bad people give me the creeps. you don’t.

    b) your parents love you and will forgive you. that’s what they do.

    c) you can delete the above if you want, as it’s kinda a sneaky bit of unsolicited advice. i’m sorry.. i wrote a huge thing about what i think about all this, reconsidered, and shortened it to that. i can’t help giving advice. it’s what *i* do.


  4. Donna

    Hard evidence that you’re not a stupid person? Because I don’t like stupid people. Nyaa.

    You asked for no unsolicited advice, but I’m going to give some anyway. Say “fuck ’em all!”, rob a bank, change your name, get plastic surgery and move to Italy.

    Oh, and bring me. 🙂

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