I watched 8 mile last night – the only complaint – I wish it were longer. I thought the sex scene between Eminem and Brittney Murphy was one of the dirtiest (without actually exposing any compromising flesh) that I’ve seen in quite some time. Cheddar Bob was a great, endearing character – and his persona developed pretty well over the movie – without losing what made him, him.

Eminem is obviously no Clark Gable – but I think he’s got great screen potential.

Now, on a totally unrelated note, I have a question. Does anyone know of a cheap, quality place to get eyebrows threaded in the Greater Vancouver (preferably Burnaby) area? I’ve been getting them done in Abbotsford at an East Indian run hair & esthetics salon for quite a while, and I love the job they do – and it’s only $5.50! I tried getting it done at a place in Burnaby (Pillars Salon) – and the chick was a hack (sorry if you know her) and they charged $13.00. I know there must be better out there – please save me from the hot wax and tell me where it is!

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3 thoughts on “Threads

  1. jenny

    Try asking Megumi. She has had her eyebrows threaded for years, she has it done in Vancouver and apparently it’s really cheap.

  2. Donna

    I wouldn’t mind the recommendation of one downtown as well. I went to one on Davie St near my place, and not only did she do a shitty job, but it hurt a LOT more than I was told it would. It was like plucking, but a thousand times worse.

    And people wonder why I wax… youch. That only hurts for a few seconds, this threading job she did hurt for a few hours. 🙁

    Regarding 8 Mile: I feel sorry for Brittney Murphy’s character. She has a lot of sex, but it’s always the 2-minute no-foreplay thurst-while-standing kind. Now, that can be fun once in a while, but geez, the poor girl never gets any other sex. 🙁

  3. col

    my gramma does it 😉 heh, but i dont think you can go to her house.

    i think there are quite a few east indian shops ’round new west that do it. on 6th st? err..or is it 6th ave? hm

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