None of these things have anything to do with eachother, but none of them are significant enough to devote a separate entry to. And I just felt the need to ramble.

Is the last word still the last word when it’s a silent decision to not dignify something with a response?

I am scared to death of graduation.

TLC Friday and Saturday nights is my new obsession. As a result, I am going to attempt to sew some curtains. Go me.

I still haven’t told my parents that my boyfriend is moving in – he moves in in two weeks. I still don’t know how to tell them.

I am sick of war blogging. The news does that enough. Did all of your cushy North American lives just stop in their tracks because of a war halfway around the world?

I want to go shopping, but am bogged down by the insane pleasure I get out of being financially responsible. I am obsessive-compulsive/anal-retentive like Monica from friends.

I need a shower.

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2 thoughts on “Sketches

  1. Donna

    If it helps any, I try to restrict my war blogging to one or two lines per post. 🙂

    Unless I find something particularily funny…

    On that note, wanna make me some curtains too? 🙂

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